Hello there!

My name is Maximilian Helten and I am a Sound and Graphic Designer from Salzburg, Austria. Music production, scoring, vector based illustrations and photography are just a few facets of my craft.

I have a penchant for simple yet effective design in all sorts of creative work and I would describe my style as basic with a love for detail. Sounds kind of odd, right? Well, feel free to convince yourself with my presented projects.

Have fun!

Sound Reel

Here is a medley of different Sound Design projects. (128 kbps MP3 for demo purpose)


Here you can find various multimedia projects in which I was involved.


I produce electronic music under my surname »Helten«. Give it a listen!

Contact Me

Feel free to say hello!


If you have any further questions, cooperation requests or ideas you want to communicate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I have a network of Programmers, Web Designers, Filmmakers and Photographers, as well as 3D-Artists and Motion Graphic Designers, which makes it possible to realize complex and wonderful Projects.

I would love to hear from you!

Drop Me a Message.